Moldova 2016: Mission trip

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In 2015 we took our first team to Moldova and we plan to return in 2016.

We are planning to take a team of adults and youth to Moldova in October this year (probably about 20 of us).

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe and the churches we are visiting are providing hands on help and support for local children and youth and this has helped them connect in with their families too. 
The church runs a project called “Hope of the Children”.  This helps about 85 children from Tirnova and Taul on a regular basis providing the children with a cooked lunch and after school club along with help for homework, games and lessons, other support for socially vulnerable families.

Many of the children will have no sense of value at all, having been rejected in many ways. Simply making it a priority to spend time with them, having fun with them, playing games, teaching English and learning Romanian, sharing meals, and serving the church and the projects there helps to communicate to the kids that they have a real value. 

The Jubilee team will also work with youth from the local Agriculture College in Taul and we will set up an evening club for them with lots of fun and games. 

One of the key elements to this trip was to enable the youth to learn how they can help people in this environment, using their own gifts and talents to do this.

In 2015, through fundraising, we also gave them over £10,000 to use towards the projects they are running there. 

Our youth have been encouraged to do lots of fundraising eg washing cars, babysitting etc.  
Please note the dates of our two big fundraising events below: Auction & Breakfast.

Here are all the key dates as we prepare for the trip:-


Ben Dale, 25/04/2016
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