Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

As of Sunday 4th April 2021. Sunday morning 10:00am in person attendance is available by advance booking.
If you and your household are interested in attending please email for more details. We will continue to make a live stream available. From Sunday April 18th we have a limited capacity of 15 spaces for children’s work – which we are allocating in advance maintaining regular bubbles. Please contact Joelle Glyn-Jones for more information on our children’s work provision.

Sunday morning 10am: Online Celebration
We are continuing to explore alternative ways of worshiping, connecting as adults, youth & children and celebrating online.
You can stay up-to-date with us as a Church community via email by registering online. 
For those of you who know us you can join our facebook Church community online where we will be live streaming Sunday mornings from 10:00am. Alternatively you can also watch our live stream here if you have registered and signed in online in advance.
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