Maidenhead Foodshare


Jubilee Community Church is involved with Foodshare the Maidenhead Foodbank, who provide food, including fresh food and fruit & vegetables, to individuals and families who are unable to afford a proper meal every day for themselves or their children. Their primary focus is on providing nutritious food.
They aim to provide a minimum of 3 days of food, more if they have stocks. 

If you are in receipt of a Foodshare voucher our volunteer team look forward to meeting you on a Friday morning between 11:30am and 1:00pm, when they issue sets of food and vouchers for fruit/vegetables.  During the morning they also serve tea, coffee & cake, with an opportunity to chat. 

If you would like to donate, donations of tinned items including spaghetti, tomatoes, tuna and fruit, cereals (particularly for children), UHT milk, biscuits, cooking sauces, packs of rice or pasta are always welcome. Donations can be delivered to the Church Office during the week or on Sunday mornings.

Since January 2012 our volunteer team has given out over 20,000 bags of food to individuals and families! Thank you for all your donations!

For more information please visit the Foodshare website.

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