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Welcome to Jubilee Youth
If you are in school years 7-13 then we have a whole load of things going on for you, including Youth Life Groups & Deeper (Thursdays), Emerge (Sundays), Newday, food, fun and a lot of laughter. 
We have a fantastic team of youth leaders here at Jubilee, all of them are passionate to see you KNOW, GROW, SERVE and SOW

For more information please contact Ben Dale for more details or check out our Instagram for updates.

We can't know God fully, but we can know Him intimately. Come to know Him for the first time and then get to know Him more everyday for the rest of your life.

Things which don't grow are dead, but we've been made alive in Christ. we look to grow in our love for God and for each other here at Jubilee.

Discovering our gifts and then using them to generously serve the church and those in the community is a key part of our DNA here.

We are passionate about seeing Jesus add to those being saved here at Jubilee so take seriously the message to go and sow the Good News of Jesus!

For more information on any of the youth work please get in touch with Ben Dale.

Ben Dale, 04/09/2020
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