Dave & Gill Seddon Life Group
(Pinkneys Green)

This life group is currently bursting at the seams and we’re not able to squeeze any more people into the space they currently meet in.
We would encourage you to explore these groups which have some space for new friends:

Day of meeting      Tuesdays 
Times of meeting   8:00-10:00pm
Place of meeting    Pinkneys Green

We are a group of enthusiastic (but not necessarily all talented!) worshippers who meet to enjoy fun, fellowship, Bible study and prayer in a relaxed environment. Whilst having plans for our evenings, we aim to have the Jubilee style of worship in which we are Spirit-led so things can change!  

Please email seddon@jcchurch.org.uk for more information.

160628 - Life Group Leaders (D   

Leaders: Dave and Gill Seddon
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