Supernatural Conference 2016 

Was hosted by Jubilee Community Church (Maidenhead) with Dave Price and team. Worship was led by Luke Tebb (Jubilee Enfield) and Steve Tebb (Catch the Fire UK). The aim was to be equipped to overflow in the Holy Spirit's power and to live and love like Jesus releasing his Kingdom in everyday life. Together we worshiped, were inspired by great Biblical and practical teaching and received ministry.

Friday 26th February 2016, 7:30-9:30pm
Speaker Dave Price Worship leader Steve Tebb

Saturday 27th February 2016, 9:30-4:30pm
Speaker Andy Robinson worship leader Luke Tebb 
Speaker Dave Fellingham worship leader Steve Tebb
Speaker Dave Price worship leader Luke Tebb 

During the conference an offering was taken up to support Heart for India a missions charity and other Gospel initiatives Dave is involved with. 

Heart4India is an evangelistic and pioneering charity established by Sozos and Des Sozou. Together with a network of local pastors in the North of India and particularly the Punjabi area they preach the Gospel to those who are yet to hear about Jesus, serve and minister to the poor, destitute and dying and provide a variety of medical and food programmes all because of the love of Jesus. Over the past 6years they have seen 1000s accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, strengthened local churches in number and the ability to bless the communities they are a part of. This incredible ministry is literally saving lives and souls everyday to the glory of God!

Andy Robinson is the Lead Elder at Kings Church Horsham. He is a gifted communicator and carries a passion not only for the truth of God’s word, but for the reality of Jesus’ presence and power in the lives of people. He believes that churches, communities and cultures can be transformed by the Kingdom of God here on the earth. He serves and preaches at many churches in the UK and beyond. 

Jo McCulloch is responsible for developing the prophetic community at Kings Church Horsham where, with her team, she has now established a Prophetic Academy which delivers a 12 month training course. Jo is a gifted prophetess who brings incredible depth and Biblical wisdom to prophetic ministry and will help to equip you to keep pursuing the promises of God through every season of your life.

Dave Price is an elder at Trinity Church London where he has been developing a prophetic team and culture for several years and has a growing itinerant ministry in the UK and abroad. Dave leads training schools and conferences equipping believers to use spiritual gifts for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. His teaching style mixes Biblical theology and personal stories both the good and bad to encourage you and show the journey of faith that is needed as you learn to see what the Father will do through you when you step out of your comfort zone and into His adventure. 

Luke Tebb is a worship leader at Jubilee Church London, a large city church of over 1000 people. He was also the Worship Pastor of St Barnabas (part of the New Wine Network) for many years. Luke is an anointed leader with a passion for both worship and theology and this comes through as he leads you to worship our awesome God. 

Steve Tebb is an itinerant worship leader with Catch the Fire UK. He both leads worship and trains worship teams. He has a heart to see the true worshippers of God being awakened with fresh fire and love for God in worship that would lead to lives healed, set free, transformed and renewed by the glory of the Father's presence, to carry out the Gospel and Kingdom on earth.

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